State of art cyberpunk helmet for your sci-fi avatar. Be a vicious bounty hunter, a cunning hacker or a deep space nomad. The cutting-edge technology will serve the role in any scenario. 

Linkrave Line – Cyberpunk division of Dusty Hut
Created for avatars in the virtual world of Second Life

Cyberpunk, sci-fi helmet with green lights


There are seven parts to dismantle in five steps to reveal the underlying internals

  • Main side panels
  • Secondary side panels
  • Back panel
  • Back shield
  • Top shield

Use the arrows on the picture to see how it looks!


main styles

Colorful cyberpunk helmets

 Choose from three main styles or mix and match them over 15 surfaces

More features

Customize the Helmet with HUD options like switchable lights and glow, visor opacity and a color picker to tint almost the whole helmet over 15 surfaces

Deep Link Helmet Hud